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A special synthesized voice response systemprovides the caller with an audible report.

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I'm selling my house and moving to an apartment, so I can no longer use the service.

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No matter how tricky you think you are being in choosing a concealing spot, a burglar can find it.


When you choose an iron driveway gate for your home you can be confident in the knowledge that they are known for their strength and endurance.

wireless home security camera systems

My rating would be a 5 if someone would answer the phone. For a number of years I have been looking for a DVR to set it up in a remote location, which I can visit very rarely a few times during the year and have a capability to control this remote location using a CCTV cameras and internet access. I needed to trigger the cameras video recording, picture snapshot taking and e mailed to me if the alarm event happens. I wanted the e mail notification about the alarm event with the picture e mailed to me when it happens. By the alarm event I meant triggering NO normally open or NC normally closed sensors, not just a motion detection technology, which does not work for me in many cases. Also I wanted to have a capability to access the DVR through the internet when I get the e mail notification and access and download the recorded video files.

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Considering the advanced technology utilized by modern home security systems, it may be surprising to learn that the vast majority of calls to police are false alarms.

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